No tutorial, only crackmes. klavkalas

So according to Wikipedia: A crackme is a small program designed to test a programmers reverse engineering skills. Crackmes are awesome for learning reverse engineering, cause reading tutorials like these ones I’m doing here is pretty good but you need to get your hands dirty as much as possible with reverse engineering to actually learn something, and one of the best ways to learn is by synthesising the concepts yourself.

Based on the skills you should have after working with those first tutorials, you should be able to crack those IOLI crackmes:

IOLI crackmes, https://github.com/radareorg/radare2book/tree/master/crackmes/ioli

If you are looking for more advanced stuff, then feel free:


Those IOLI crackmes are kind of a chekpoint, if you are able to solv’em then it means that you have assimilated the concepts presented on these past tutorials very good, I’ll be posting new (own) crackmes as we proceed.

Ping me out on twitter at @artikblue with the solution once you complete them, your feedback is also welcome.